Our signature class. A blend of cardio, weight training and pilates using the revolutionary Megaformer machine. This full body work out targets muscles you have never felt before! With a maximum of 15 people per class, expect lots of attention and hand on adjustments. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, student modifications make this class suitable for all levels. 40 minutes. All levels.


This class will get your heart pumping, combining 24 minutes of cardiovascular work on Woodway treadmills and 24 minutes of strength training on the Megaformer, completed in 4 intervals. You don’t have to be a runner to take this class- there are walking options on the treadmill. 55 Minutes. All Levels. Prerequisite: At least one Megaformer class prior.


Intimidated by the Megaformer, but eager to try? This class is for you! We'll move at a slower, more informative pace. After this class, you will feel comfortable on the machine but we'll still kick your butt! This is also a great class for pre, post natal.  50 minutes. All levels.


Strengthen your connection with your pelvic floor and develop deep core activation through breath. Specifically designed for women wanting to educate themselves with how to move their body safely for pre-conception and during pre natal and post natal fitness. Expect lots of hands on adjustments and modifications to meet your individual and personal needs. 60 minutes. All levels.


The best of both worlds! 30 minutes of intense work to improve muscular strength and endurance followed by 20 minutes of deep assisted stretching, all done on the Megaformer. This class incorporates aspects of Lagree Fitness, Yoga, Pilates and breathwork. Be ready to work hard and earn your release! We recommend taking our signature class prior to attending. 50 Minutes. All Levels. Prerequisite: At least one Megaformer class prior.


All classes at Lagree West- Kitsilano and Lagree West- Main St use Sound Off Technology. The same classes as above, but with state of the art wireless headphones to really get you in the zone! The headphones eliminate distractions while streaming instructors voice perfectly over heart pumping music. Click to > LEARN MORE>