Be one of the 100 who start making Kits really sweat.

Just a few short weeks before we open our newest studio in Kitsilano, and to say we’re excited would be the understatement of 2017. We can’t wait to bring the power of Lagree West to the Kits community.

Truth is, we wouldn’t be where we are today without YOU: the community that Lagree West is built on. So, in true Lagree West style, we’re launching Kitsilano with a sale that honors our Lagree Legends and emphasizes your role in how our community has grown and what we’re collectively building.

With every purchase of The Founding 100 swag and sale items, you are making your mark on the Kitsilano studio, and making the opening of the new space possible. Whether jumping on the Mega at our newest studio, or dedicated to Gastown or Lonsdale, your ‘Founding 100’ purchase is helping us spread the #LagreeLove and get more people into the community where sweat, hustle and commitment are our currency.

Check out the sale below, and get in on some exclusive swag and limited quantity (total of 100) deals before they’re gone! 


A Note From Our Founder:

Bringing a new ‘hood into the Lagree family means more than simply adding a new address to our website. When I came back to Canada with the vision of creating a Lagree community north of the border, my mission was to offer access to a workout and a community that changed my life. Lagree gave me so much and offered me a new relationship with my body, my physical strength, along with my confidence and clarity. What has blown me away since day one has been how the Megaformers are simply the common ground that one of the most badass community meets on. It’s YOU who has built Lagree into the community and experience that it is: a space where everyone is empowered to dig a little deeper, hold a little longer and spread a lot of love to others. You found something at Lagree West, and inside yourself...and you make this sweat-loving community thrive.

Thank you for helping bring my Mega-vision to life, and for being the biggest part in what makes Lagree West great.

Mega Love,



*Sale terms and conditions: Limit of one per customer, per item. Expiration dates for packages are as follows: 3 pack/ 3 months, 10 pack/ 6 months, and 20 pack/ 1 year. Tank tops will be available for pick up from the Kitsilano studio. Email with preferred size to purchase: XS, SM, M, L XL, XXL- please have up to date billing info on file. Email to purchase the Annual Membership.