get ready for 50 mega intense minutes

This class will get your heart pumping, combining 24 minutes of cardiovascular work on Woodway treadmills and 24 minutes of strength training on the Megaformer, completed in 4 intervals.


mega cardio FAQS

what is the class format?

24 minutes of cardiovascular work on the treadmills + 24 minutes of megaformer, split up into 4 intervals. Our wireless headphone technology allows us to stream clear, uninterrupted instruction from two trainers using different audio channels for each interval.

do i have to be a runner?

No. There are walking options for those that want increased cardio at a slower pace.

what is special about the woodway treadmill?

Where do we start?! The 4Front was designed to mimic the feel of running outdoors and to provide the user with a dynamic, low impact workout every time.  Originally designed for the military, this state-of-the-art equipment feels like running on a cloud.

what are the prerequisites to take this class?

This class is suitable for all levels. However, we ask that all participants have attended at least two regular Megaformer classes and feel comfortable navigating the Megaformer equipment prior to attending a MegaCardio class.

where can i take this class?

This class is offered at our Kitsilano location.


A sweat towel is provided. Please bring your running shoes and grips socks. Grip socks are available for purchase or rental in studio.