Push it to the limit with Sound Off™ Megaformer —  Sound Off™ Headphones eliminate distractions while streaming the instructor’s voice perfectly over amazing music. Set your metabolism on fire and put fitness in full gear with this heart-pumping, mood boosting experience.


Sound Off™ FAQS

WHAT IS Sound Off™?

Sound Off™ creates state of the art wireless headphone technology. Only those with headphones can hear, so while participants are fully immersed in the experience, no one else can hear a thing — whether it’s a silent disco party or megaformer class.

where can i try this experience?

All classes at our Kitsilano and Main st locations use this technology.

why the switch?

Where do we start?! We are constantly striving to deliver you the best fitness experience. Wireless headphones are an emerging trend in the fitness arena. We are excited to be the first to bring them to market in Vancouver, just like the Megaformer ;)

The headphones eliminate distractions while streaming the instructor’s voice perfectly over the latest beats. And you can control your own volume, how cool is that?! 

are the headphones sanitary?

Of course! All headphones are wiped down between sessions with industrial grade, antibacterial wipes. Still concerned? Personal ear covers are available for $2.50 in studio and can be used repeatedly. 

do i have to use the headphones?

For the optimum class experience, we recommend using the headphones. Without the headphones, you may be able to hear the instructor speaking quietly, but you will not hear the music. If headphones aren't your jam, we get it! Luckily we have two other great studios in Gastown and Lonsdale where you can get your Megaformer fix.  

are the headphones mega awesome?

Yes. We are not mathematicians but pretty sure the answer to Megaformer + Silent Disco = Mega Awesome!